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Lyrics to Time Reborn
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The visions of my troubled sleep
Brought to me through astral dimensions
are warnings foretelling events
of global cataclysmic proportions
I know not the fate for my kinsmen, yet mine is
to remain
The survival of the many, shall be through the
memory of the few
My dreams descends...
I am the one, I witness the re-birth of time
Few but me have seen beyond the stars, yet I
have seen, I have seen
Crashing thorugh the walls of time, our world
will be cast down
I hold the key to unlock the paths, when your
end becomes so real
Live through the dream
Time is reborn, the sooil runes red, cleansing the
circle of life
Reborn is our world, as I foresaw, so it begins
as it ends
Live throught the dream, this is our paradise

[J. Fogarty 2/1/97]
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