Lyrics to Time
Time Video:
[Verse 1:]
I need some time
Mi girlfriend say dem cut off the water
School fee fi mi daughter
Don't beg, suh yo know shi naw go

I need some time
Mi son birthday, him wan a smart phone
But if mi cyaa pay light bill fi da month yah
How da phone deh a go

Think bout that
Nothing naw gwaan
A bay gun tun up
Girl wa a gwaan?
Shi seh things just mud up
Oh my Lord, wa meck the poor man suffer?
Oh my Lord, wa meck the poor man suffer?

Talk to mi nuh
Talk to mi nuh
Talk to mi nuh
Talk to mi nuh

[Verse 2:]
I need some time
The furniture store seh dem waan back the fridge yow
Four month mi nuh pay now
Dem a knock pon door
God know mi naw go

I need some time, mi loyal girl seh shi naw go left mi
But girl a fi how long, suppose things don't change?
Think bout that


[Verse 3:]
Society a tell like
News media bring fi dem alliby
Wa happen to the poor guy
Weh Babylon style and a seh dead tonight
Dawg mi nuh know why
Cause if a Mister Chin son every door fly
Eigler a get a fight
Stop tek weh the goods dem red eye

Everybody waan things
Babylon alone waan roll wid the brinks
Yow a wa yo think
Politician nuh buy mi nuh beer
Teach mi how fi meck drinks
Yow a which likkle fool meck a mill yesterday
And a spend off the whole one mill a Firelinks?
Ghetto youth haffi wise like Salamon
Suh you haffi deal wid things

[Repeat Chorus]
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