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Lyrics to Time Is Tickin' Away
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Ahaha ahahakeep it on, keep it onkeep your head ontime is tickin´, time is tickin´tickin´ awayuhhohuhoLet´s talk about timetickin´ away every dayso wake on up before it´s gone awaycatch the 411 and stay up like the sunremind yourself what´s done and doneso let yesterday stay with the bygoneskeep your body and soul and your mind onthe right track infact you gotta stay onthe real blackdon´t turn around and don´t look backwe trying to take the positive to another levelRed Dogg diggin deep Mr. P got the shouvelI´ll level with you I played in a foul picturebut now I got my mental sewel up like a stitcherI used to be a "P" try on to clock"G´s" living wild blastyou before you blast me that´s the lifestyleand I could see it on the evening newsit´s just another brutha shoton either stretched doin timeChorus:Time is tickin´ awayyou´ve gotta - live your life -day by dayhappy or sad, good or badlife is too shortyou´ve gotta - keep your head -(Repeat)Keep your head one more timeand feel the rythmI´m telling you life is too shortyou know the feelingyou want to do more yourselfesteem is in the wayyou better take it kidand live it day by daybut anyway I´m going for mineI´m still broke it´s no jokethey still got me hangin from the rope´stake time and still do the right thingand not the wrongso listen to the words of the songTickTock your seconds awayfrom the judgement dayso get your mind ready take the Evil´s but out waybring back we cut no slckwe kick fact´sthe positive message on this track is exactthe way we feel itin the ninteen 90´s chillin with redin the mix your find me rewind meand turn back my mindthinking about the horniesin the pen doing timeChorusRepeathCorusOnce againCBK on da trackto wake up your mindwho knows what tomorrow night bringviolence - destruction - who knows?cause time it´s slipping away.The world keeps spinningaround and roundwe´ve gotta keep ourselvesfrom going downin a world full of passionpleasure and painthe pressure´s get into my brainChorus

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