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Lyrics to Time Is Of The Essence
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When I was a little man
The play dough came in a little can
And when I touched it
With my little hands
It felt pleasant

Now that I'm an older dude
My methods have become more crude
And the play dough that I used to use
Has solidified

Slow down
You've been living too fast
Move on
For you're living in the past
Time has
Got you trapped on its line
So rewind
From your insides

Time is the of the essence they said again and again
And every time I heard them I never knew just what the meant
Essence is metaphysical yet time is so abstract
I hope that when I get there somebody cuts me some slack

Twenty-second birthday feeling like I was 16
Getting drunk and throwing up by 11:15
Now do I fear growing older
Or do I just fear my responsibilities
I don't know
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