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Lyrics to Time And Place (Daytrotter Session)
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I was brave when I was younger
I won't die
And I'm not ill
Spent my days waiting for summer
Southern sun, well it could kill

All the times I've spent a week for friends
From a small wooden stage
Forgiving my father
And hating my sister
For loving drugs more than they love me

Well, I hate you
I hate you

I found peace through a small vessel
Five foot tall and brilliant sweet
I felt love in her eyes and hate in my heart
For the man that I might be
Told me she talks to the dead
More than she speaks to God
Cries herself to sleep
Remember that God, son, gives grace to everyone
He could stop this in his sleep

Child, I love you
Yeah, I love you

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

Teaching me time and place
Was a hell of a way
To put a grown man on his knees

Hey, I miss you
Hey, I miss you
Hey, I miss you
Hey, I miss you
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