'till The Moving Buries Me Lyrics

Paul Eason

Keepin It Tween the Lines

Lyrics to 'till The Moving Buries Me
'till The Moving Buries Me Video:
I've known love like I may never know again
She had long dark hair, coffee eyes and light brown skin
Now I'm gone but I couldn't tell you why
I left her all alone, the tears in her eyes

I've gotta keep the hammer down
There's many a lonely road I've yet to see
Somewhere down a dusty trail
On the wandering winds I will sail
I'll keep moving 'till the moving buries me
I'll keep moving 'till the moving buries me

Smell of rain rollin' in on the wind
But no amount of falling water could wash away my sins
Beyond the hills where the lechuguilla grows
You'll find me where the wind always blows

This barren land has nothing I desire
But that won't keep the caliche off my tires
Maybe time will settle down my pace
But until then my friend, I wish you never in my place
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