Lyrics to Tightrope
Tightrope Video:
Sometimes it feels (like I'm walking on a tightrope).

I jump fast, can't last
It's too late to stop (It's too late)
Hope is only a shadow now
Sometimes it feels like I'm walking on a TIGHTROPE!

Not seeing forest through trees
Walk on the wrong side of the street
It shows, I'm beat
Sometimes it feels like I'm breaking down

Do you know what happens now?

If I was feeling sorry for myself
I'd still never let myself go
Like that, even, even if I was walking on a TIGHTROPE!

Some people slip, get bruises
Or worse they're on the street, TIGHTROPE!

(The right path might be hard to decide - the least travelled, or the most tried)

When the sun comes up and the dark goes to sleep
The forgotten of society rot
That's when grown man weep
That's when ignoring it stops
That's how we seperate like water and oil
The inner conflict that brings us all apart
There's two for the spoil, and only one for the heart
There's two for the spoil, and only one!
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