Lyrics to Tiger Trap
Tiger Trap Video:
What's forbidden
Is a treasure hidden
I got a clue
On the trail of finding all about you

Ask for trouble
A piece of the puzzle
Then I saw you
So many locks and keys and chains shield you

Two hearts crash insides against
When the suffering does commence
Jolly Roger run up the mast
And the sentence of love is passed

What's forbidden
Has been boldly bitten
I found you
Bitter tasting core of the sweetest fruit

Confusion reigns supreme
When the promises are redeemed
Tender hook of the tiger trap
Lost on the edge of a treasure map
Cover the wicked days
With the scent of the sweet bouquet
The spoils of love renew
Still on the trail of finding all about you

Once forgiven
But never written
When I saw you (x12)
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