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Lyrics to Thunderbirds Are Coming Out
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I was my parents' puppet 'till my teenage years
When I rebelled - and swapped them for my peers
I used to sit for hours all alone
Without an opinion to call my own

I had to keep this compulsion to myself
This need to be like everyone else
But now I'm out of the closet and I feel free
'Cos I Just saw Thunderbirds on T.V.

Yes I've been outed and I'm so happy
I've found a role model just for me
I think I could be like those puppet guys
There's less to them than meets the eye

Now I Don't have to worry about a thing
As long as someone else is pulling my strings
My pop star can tell me what to know
I can get my poilitical views from my youth radio

I can join the queues outside restaurant chains
Now I can do the Mexican wave
Just tell me what's in and I'll make sure I fit
Just herd me into that mosh pit
And sing if you're proud to be plastic now,
Cos Thunderbirds are coming out.
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