Lyrics to Thug Love
Thug Love Video:
yo i keep my love song bruv
but im white, so i dont know no thug love
but what you do find is thugs love then 2time
its a truecrime but most do it
like should i or should'nt i are screw it
then when she finds out your cheating
she gives you a raw beating for leaving
and not lovin
then shit gets heated hotter than a hot oven
cuz you've broken bonds
kissed others with open toungs
being disloyal
like whats been planted in this soil
but this is all i've heard
how they cheat and end up dead from their bird
so if you blare a word of cheating
you havent put one foot in
you've stook both feet in
then you start watching your back from day one
like you got your clothes the wrong way on
but as i say
i dont know no thug love and im not one like goldie[ahh]]
so were did i get this shit from?
a little bird told me
his name was B-Jay And his Fuckin Rap Is really gray
Not like this Other People they´re all gay Thats What I say B-jay Is the Best But You´re not the greatest like Reyces
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