Lyrics to Thug Life
Thug Life Video:
[feat. Slim The Monster]

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
Baller you dropping just like flies
Swallow they blood before they swallow they pride
Ahhhhh, shorty wanna live the thug life
I said forenz I'm stuck at the lights
These lil niggaz wylin I'm a call it a night
Ahhh, shorty wanna live the thug life

[Tony Yayo:]
Shorty wanna be a thug
Cold heart, cold gun full of slugs
Seat 74 gladiator war shit
6 homies stabbed got the warden out his office
Gd's, vice lords in chicago
Gangbanging robe models
Lil niggaz sustain fire
Repel enemy attack 4-10 fire
Water cool barrell on the strap
It's like dat, where we from
A nigga hit a lick if he see one
A nigga keep a gun cause he need one
Rock with it miss ya friends and ya freedom
Armed and dangerous, kill you in a heart beat
Shooting cops like 2pac on these streets
Dead before 21, statistic
And homie that did it got 40 cause it's school district


[Slim Da Mobsta:]
He might not never walk again, or talk again
So what's up with him, ok let's do it then
Niggaz gon need hospitals if I spit at you
Condition is gon be critical
I'm a criminal down to the molecules
They talkin bout twitter I will fuck around and follow you
Big fish, small pond, fuck around swallow you
Cobble stone the driveway look at the view
Marble all on the fire place look at the cool
Graduated to a higher space study my moves
Smooth in a room full of vultures
All I'm tryna do is introduce you to my culture
And can give you my word I move birds like sosa
Welcome to california the best kush and good coca
Word to that bite size give me that hold
And don't flight spies
Last shootout everybody dies except muahhhh
Ain't surprised we the niggaz that they dispise, that's why

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