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Lyrics to Throwin' Words At U
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Yo Milk, that's super duper I think I need a soundcheck Hit me with a sample Yeah, now what about that dope stuff? Alright, now give me a 808 Now let the beat roll.. [ VERSE 1 ] Any competition, checkers or chess Whatever the game, Lyte'll never fess But did you say rappin? Cause I'm with it I hold the title, you might as well forget it You can put me to the test, I'll prove I am the best You'll be the last coockoo to fly over the nest Try to dis this? Nah.. You'll be the only scarface in the place Cause I'll rip out your eyes, cut your tongue off You can't talk no more and let the bullshit walk In this lifetime you're no MC You're just labelled in bold black ink as a wanna-be Now that I pulled your card and I read you I should punish those that misled you Into thinkin that you was just too good I beat your ass in your own neighborhood I have yet to threaten you with sticks and stones That'll hurt your bones [ CHORUS ] I'm just throwin words at you (Wick-wick-wack) --> KRS-One (Worrrd) Can you catch em, the words I'm throwin at you? (Wick-wick-wack) (Worrrd) Look, I'm just throwin words at you (Wick-wick-wack) --> KRS-One (Worrrd) Can you catch em, the words I'm throwin at you? (Wick-wick-wack) (Worrrd) [ VERSE 2 ] I step in a jam, they know who I am All I do is smile and the crowds go wild MC Lyte's on top of the pile Waitin to put a sucker in her place Won't hesitate to dis a bitch to her face Cause you're a half-assed MC, a part-time hooker When talent was given out, they overlooked ya I rock ya blindfolded, better yet with no mic Hype it acappella, make your deejay go on strike This kinda comp I know you're not ready for You're just a amateur dying to explore Territory that is soon to be conquered by Lyte Tonight, alright, alright, alright, alright.. [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 3 ] I think you better leave now, your mommy is callin you Rap is like a pit and your whole crew is fallin through But once I'm gone there ain't no catchin me I'm talkin bon voyage, I mean you're history I'm takin my fans to a new land If anyone can do it, Lyte Thee MC can Because I'm hypin my rhyme to a new hype So get equipped and prepare yourself for the flight Cause yo, you're about to enter a new dimension Sit back and listen, Lyte is on a mission I'm takin out those who attempt to oppose me And even those that try to get close to me [ CHORUS ]

Songwriters: MCLYTE, MILK, GIZMO
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