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Lyrics to Throw Back Your Head
Throw Back Your Head Video:
K, throw back your head.

We need to hear a laugh

tumble on your worried breath.

Throw your head. It's quite a gas

B, throw back your head.

You deserve a rest

Your sons have nothing to avenge.

Throw your head and take a breath

N, throw back your head in complete disbelief.

This is finally happening.

Brother, throw back your head with me and sing: La la la la la.

we simply nod away discreetly, as you say:

"We'll throw them back someday."

Love, throw back your head in pleasure.

Have we Met?

Until our mouths intersect could we ever rest?

Child throw back your head bloom in a crying fit

how violently our lives begin. Joyful noise, begin.

Child throw back your head.

Do best to crane your neck. Drink it in with no respect.

Drink it in and sing back: La la la la la.

Let's never nod or shake or ever hestitate to throw back our heads and say:

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