Through The Shadows Lyrics


One For Sorrow

Lyrics to Through The Shadows
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[Music and lyrics: Friman]

Walk away from the world
Give in all you got
Do not bother to try
Fight 'til the last drop

Walk among the shadows
Leave your mark behind
Lose yourself into grey mass
Make statement of your life

And I feel tired, empty and hollow, heart-broken inside
And I feel this life has nothing for me anymore
And I feel revived, sacred and honoured, one of the kind
And I feel this life is something I was chosen for

Let in the anxiety
Make the most of every day
Dwell on guilt and misery
There is tomorrow after today

You cannot win always
But you can lose every time
You alone have the power
You only hold the control

One fleeting moment
Few short-lived seconds
Mere short flicker in time
For the shadow to grow and die
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