Lyrics to Through the Night
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Through the night I hear you travel
Are you coming are you going?
Which direction's never clearly in my mind
I know you'll be passing my way tonight
We got some time

Beyond the dreams of fallen horses you climb
Memories turn to silent echoes, don't you rewind
You could always find a lantern if it wasn't hard to find
I know you'll go your way truly and I'll go mine
We got some time

To the bottle I'll return and that's fine
I don't need a rainbow catcher to see the signs
I'll tow my trailer southbound, you toe the line
I left the front door open, you left behind

Remembering the gifts you gave me fills me with light
The smile upon your pretty face, girl, my favorite sight
Nowadays that it's all over still it's all right
Maybe I'll never find another but maybe I might
I got some time
You got some time
We got some time
Songwriters: Jolly, Evan / Traditional,
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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