Lyrics to Through the Ice
Through the Ice Video:
Remember I had on angel wings
When you first saw me under the black light light
Wasn't long until you ripped them off
When you reached in for a bite bite.

I'm not Cinderella, but my time's running out
And I do not have all night night
I just woke up from a winter slumber
But I seem to be frozen in time time.

Through the i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ice-ice-i-ice. (x2)

A demon took over me
And played with my mind mind
I'd never been that scared before
But it's something I grew to like like.

Possessing me, I fell in love
And gave up my life life
False faces and forced condolences
I stare down from the sky sky┬ľmiles high.


Abuse me, mold me
Into something that I'm not
Control me, make me
Into the perfect robot.

Put on a face
With a new name
Get out of town
Without a trace
Anything to become someone new...


Through the ice
Your kiss of death
Just in time so I will be your frozen valentine
Take me away and let's disappear...*
*[THIRD REPETITION, ALTERNATE ENDING:] Summer's here and I want to get lost in your eyes.
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