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Lyrics to ...Through Space & Time
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Used to have a normal life,
Worked every day from nine to five,
Still lived at home with family, still young.
In just one night, all that changed,
My preconceptions rearranged,
The night I met the traveller, the one

Who set me free,
Who said to me

Come, take my hand, and then away we'll fly,
I'll show you a world you've never known.
So take a trip with me, through space and time,
I'll pick you up ten minutes ago.

I miss the ones I've left behind,
But never would I have declined,
Impossible to think two years have passed.
The sights few mortal eyes have seen
We've visited by time machine,
Can't pinch myself, for fear it won't last

'Til I grow old,
Still I am told

Come take my hand,
And never let go.
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