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Dark Tranquility

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Lyrics to Through Smudged Lenses
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Let no one be themselves
Turn of the century lies
not within the others
Turn on the watchful eye
The blindness ends tonight

Shelter for the shattered
in unison we strive
dare to disassociate
and cut the binds that tie
Abstractualize further
to the ends of facts and foe
Will it out of meaning
as silence speaks the truth

I want to hear you scream
see you
stand atop the pantheon
of fiction and your failure
grasping for a hiding place
among indifferent stones
a brief reflection
it sets the soul apart
no selection
it tears our world apart

These walls are protecting us
burn them to the ground
This haven of refuge
Burn it to the ground

So smudge the lens a little
muffle the voice
phase out of sound a while
and let it go

Citizens of choice
in a twilight world of your design
Left to our devices
we stumble on

I want to hear you scream
Burn it to the ground
No firewall will save you
Burn it to the ground

Take me to the keep
and bare the darkest void
thousand fold the agony
of silenced screams alone

Tune right out of static
exorcise the dark
How else can we move on?
I want to hear you scream
Songwriters: Stanne, Mikael Bengt / Brandstrom, Martin / Niklasson, Mikael / Jivarp, Anders / Sundin, Niklas Bo / Henriksson, Martin
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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