Lyrics to Through My Eyes
Through My Eyes Video:
maybe some day things will work out and go my way, or maybe i'll say "it's been fun, but apparently it's over and done." that's not what i want. maybe the next words out of my mouth will be a plea for you to stay. it would be a shame to turn this page, and write an ending to this chapter.

maybe today is the day where everything comes crashing down. maybe i'll say that "it's not working out quite the way i wanted it to." tomorrow night is coming faster, i guess we'll see if we can last here. every time i look ahead i get too scared to see what's coming.

i wish that you could see these things from through my eyes, then yours would open up and i think you would realize there's something here that's too good to be thrown away, step back take a breather, and come back another day.

it's insane just to think that this could die with an alarm chime. but i can say that if the day comes it will be the worst that i've ever had. i can't stop this clock from turning, but i can keep these bridges from burning. we'll do it quickly like a band-aid, it'll hurt but the sting will soon fade.

four times the frustration, four times the determination, but is that enough to keep us floating, keep us up. each time we're together, i know this could be the last time. we'll try not to drop it, maybe we should never stop. four times the frustration, four times the determination but is that enough now to keep us floating.
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