Through Dust, Through Rain Lyrics


Beloved Antichrist

Lyrics to Through Dust, Through Rain
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Dear child of mine, pain turns to destiny...
Down from the mountains, in the form of a rose
The thunder of oceans shall bring forth the ghost
Of an infinite star that will rest in my tree
Like the full moon of night
Descending like me

Such is my journey
No matter where my spirit shall travel
You will be there...

Winter sheds its grief in snow
Summer weeps
It must be so
Thus let thee live
Unseen, unknown

Light is the body and no more than a shell
Releasing our spirits to heaven or hell
While embracing my love to let go of your hand
And to reach for a kingdom forgotten by man

Forgive me my sister, she would not come
This travel, she said, you must do alone...

Bring to heart Johanna's name
Through my blood you share the same
To hold, to keep through dust, through rain

Say you knew
Yes only you could grow the seeds of time
Run and flow through silver snow
Of mountains spring must climb
From this hill, to waters still
My heart will guide your way
Love and wrath, my epitaph before your name I lay
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