Through Drowsy Daydreams Lyrics

Hesperus Dimension

Mental Electricity

Lyrics to Through Drowsy Daydreams
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Tracing the pale of the mind,
I am surging into the abyss
Memorable moments...
Tracing your helplessness
And then I disappear
Into the depth of the gloomy mind,
So that Through drowsy daydreams
I would twist and crush your palms,
Lying breathlessness of moments...

Where is that man that I heard of?
Where is directed the vibration of His wings?
In the clear and pale corner of the mind,
There, around the turn, is hiding
The scream of schizophrenia!!!

Lets fly into the space's deep,
The man without the present,
Covered with the dust of the silver fall
On the outer outside
Thus quietly, deep in silence,
We lull our children into a technical sleep

Where is that man that I saw?
Gone from the world....
In the kingdom of sleep he travels
The virtual constellations of the Universe,

In order to hear one must be silent ' he said
With the blade of his sick eyes,
In the three dimensions,
He saw the thoughts of the fourth dimension...
Where is that man that I used to know?
On the verge of reason,

'There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery'
[A. Dante 'The Divine Comedy']

Through drowsy daydreams,
The gloom of an extraterrestrial soul came out...
Born of intricate meditation,
Not used to the glow,
He's sniffing around, looking for the stardust.
With an astral touch
On the earth's temples,
He lures the spiteful mind

You're standing tear-stained breathing feebly...

You're asking,
Questions, dead
Clinging to the body
In the night

Into this wide, raped
I'm following your tracks

Sharpened by the mad pictures,
He is on his knees...
The screams of the cosmic deep
Are bursting the head with the iron architecture
The hair writhes like snakes,
He's loosing thoughts nailed to the hand
Prison walls
Are pressing down with their whiteness
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