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Lyrics to Throne Of Agony
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Deep in the woods lives a beast without glory
Insane, full of pain, so ashamed still reminds me of lies, broken ties
You cannot imagine, what I've seen before all the things in my head
Glittering haze, the trees are grabbing for me
Now the moon's shining night is brighter than daylight
My will to believe is the reason why I live to fulfill my desires
Who will fight by my side
A new kingdom will rise above, this land of a broken throne
And now here I stand, I let my fears turn to rage
What kind of a bad cures turns a man into such a beast
Grey fur, sharp teeth, eyes reflecting the moon

Sacrifice the kingdom you have built long ago
While black rain is falling down
You are chained by something, bound by something you know
You're enchained by stardust lighting guided by the dark throne of agony

The King has gone away, search for him to tell you what you've done
In these dark days you wounded someone bleeding you
Look into that cave, there's a king with a scar in his face
What have you done, what is wrong or right
The Lord has whispered into my ear
Hunt the Cruel beast and forget all your fear
I'll undo this curse now und take the beast's life
I will end this story and leave him behind

I keep this hope alive, now if I keep this hope alive, now
I keep this hope alive, now if I keep this hope alive
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