Lyrics to Three Vs.Five
Three Vs.Five Video:
I've shut the last light out
Bathed all my hope in doubt
I won't be coming home tonight

Left behind all the good things
And focused on the fear you bring me
Ashes and degradation say I'm right
With my guard down I stood before you
I fell for those motions that only you could do
Nothing here ever shined as bright

And still I see your face in every mirrored glass
Each day more difficult than the last to move on
And all we have is this moment to dance
All we have is this moment to dance
Bring it back to where we were last

What does it mean?
If I'm striving to forget the years
If we've grown apart
Anything to take us back to the start

Manipulate words to go against what we've said
By the time you feel this I'll never be the same
We felt more than we should have let
Countless tears hidden by the rain

Imagine what we could have been but we never could allow
What some would dare to dream I knew it wasn't what it seemed

Happiness left and loss took its place
I can count the years by the lines in your face
Scars from a past I can't erase
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