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Spend money on things

Brains without wisdom

You can read it in books

But you don't have a reason

When you feel it once

Now it's all missing

So act it all out

In the same superstition

Got a mind full of paints

But I don't have your picture

Feel it once

But you know you might miss her

Lost out somewhere

In this crazy transition

So speak in cliches

Who's gonna listen

Find yourself but

Your running up in circles and

You can't find your purpose when

You're feeling a little nervous and

You feel it all

But you're gone and lost forever

And it's crazy to think all this repetition

When you're lost and found

And still can find out

What it was that you were missing

Sometimes you think you can't decide

And you sit back and then you realize

That you're all out all out

Fail to see the compromise

When you turn the cheek to the other side

And you've sold out sold out

I can't seem to realize

I can't seem to cover it up

And I'm all out all out
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