Lyrics to Three Lessons
Three Lessons Video:
Are you sophisticated- like me? Point out your name on the marquee. Put your collar in the air, like it's your destiny to preserve.
There is a lesson, there is a golden rule. What they say about being too aloof, it's all true.
What happened boy- did she run away? Feels like it happens to this boy about once a day. I can't seem to hold on to the things that are good for me.
What they say about the benefits of truth, it's all true.
People say they look for answers, but all you have to do is look. Just look in the mirror.
Do you work on intuition? Do you rely on your gut? When you go out boy, do you make it happen? Do you stay home, alone?
What they say about the harms of self-abuse- it's all true

(Thanks to Jeff for these lyrics)
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