Thoughts On A Thoughtless World Lyrics

In Solitas

The State of Mankind

Lyrics to Thoughts On A Thoughtless World
Thoughts On A Thoughtless World Video:
As flames encircle this hole I?ve created
Visions of my life burn before my eyes
Incinerating every moment
Ashes replace the emptiness of being alone
Each one representing a lie, a fake
A broken memory you?ve sown
This layer of disgusting filth chokes away the sun that shines only so bright
What was just a hole has now grown
To the size of a world where the only plague is evil
And our rotting disease is pride
Our lungs pray for life but deceit envelopes our vital crutch
Where have we gone?
Tell me, what have we become?
How can people stay together when things always come undone?
We are the jack of all trades ? master of none
Revolving a little closer to the infernal sun
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