Lyrics to Thoughts
Thoughts Video:
I Watched The People On The Ground And Didn?t Know Where They Were Going They Told Of Places That I Have Not Found I Have My Own Way They Don?t Understand How Should I Explain Them It?s Hopeless To Try A Million Miles I?ve Left Behind Me Pain And Sorrow They Made Me Older These Days Are Getting Colder Now. I?m Here And I Don?t Know What To Do Didn?t Hear The Old Man?s Warning Oh, I Wish That I Had ?Cause I?m Feeling So Sad The Way I Went Wasn?t Really So Bad Two Steps To The Front And Three? Watching The People They Ignore Their Own Crime Having A Friend And Talking To Him Dreaming, Hoping I Could Never Win I?m So Frightend Frightened Of This World Now I Am Going Don?t Want To Look Back Don?t Hear The Voices Calling My Name Helpless, So Helpless I?m Watching Myself But I Will Make It I Will Never Give Up

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