Thoughts And Prayers Lyrics

The Raconteurs

Help Us Stranger

Lyrics to Thoughts And Prayers
How can the grim reaper creep
If he really doesn't have the time?
And how long would you sleep
If the sun decided not to shine?

There's a man who lives up the block
He doesn't even own a clock
Sometimes he stays awake for days
He's doin' it his own way

I used to give my friends a call
Now there's no one left at all
I think my father used to say
"There's got to be a different way
To make myself feel okay"
Or maybe that's just how he used to pray

And who cares how people live
If living's all they got?
And who knows how money grows?
Drop a nickel in a pot

I wrote a letter down to you
Like I'm Sullivan Ballou
It's a recipe for blue
Like it's 1862

Maybe I'm just a castaway
Or a poor boy led astray
There's no one left here to betray
The only child of the earth
Nobody left here to give birth
It's hard to tell now what that's worth

I used to look up at the sky
Up at the beautiful blue sky
But now the earth has turned to gray
There's got to be a better way
To talk to God and hear her say
"There are reasons why it is this way"