Thought You Should Know Lyrics

Carl Thomas

So Much Better

Lyrics to Thought You Should Know
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Even though I'm working, alot
And sometimes I forget to tell you (tell you), girl
I owe you all that I've got so everything I have is yours,
You're my inspiration to my love making
A lover and a friend, the woman that I turn to time and time again

And I just thought you should know,
Nothing just don't start for me,
Until you walk through the door and tell me that you care for me,
I just thought you should know,
Nothing just don't start for me, until you walk through the door,
And tell me that you care for me (yeah)

Even though were going on for years,
Everyday's a new day with you (with you),
Even when my mind is unclear,
I'll take a look at you and smile even without make up
When I wake up beauty to be hold, so intellegent and confident
You've got so much soul

[Chorus x2]

Ooh is what I say when you wear the dress you wear,
Heaven is practice on the table,
Girl am happy 'cause you care
I'll take you anywhere with me,
I know they go ahh is what they say when you walk into a room,
They show respect 'cause I am with you,
They give me a par tell me am puttin it down,
With this lady that I've found
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