Lyrics to Thorn
Thorn Video:
[P. Diddy] Shit nigga.. A ho is a ho A ho a-, shit, heheh I'm strictly referring to them ho-ass niggaz, feel me? I go by the name of that boy Diddy This is my man Fatboy, you know Eightball niggaz, that's right, heh [Eightball] Yea, I pull up with my niggaz, you know it's on and poppin I'm the fattest mack, so everybody watchin My Timbo's ain't scuffed, I go "I got enough" That kind that make you choke, everytime you take a puff Them real playaz chief it, nothin but ballers keep it You could smell it on my clothes so it ain't no secret Rag on my head, braids to the back Gimme that Grey Goose, and put that 'gnac back I'm on another level, bitches I got several Don't try to rob me, I got that heavy metal You in the dirt now, you underground now Can't make a sound now, you wanna clown now? [Hook: 2x] Stop playin games ho It's about that money you makin You playin games ho Ain't 'bout no talkin or fakin Stop playin games ho It's about the life you livin You playin games ho Look at all this money you missin [Eightball] Yo what's the deal pimpin, I'm so for real pimpin I get my Cinderella with unbroken seals pimpin I flip a big truck (big truck) with some big rims (big rims) I get my dick sucked (dick sucked) When I pull out the Benz (pull out the Benz) Switchin CD's (CD's) watchin DVD's (DVD's) Now MLK (MLK) in my SUV (SUV) Pigeons jockin me, they wanna ride wit me You gotta be down ho, like Bobby Brownin wit me I'm not gorilla pimpin, but I keep them killas wit me Yo you for real nigga, think you can deal wit me? You got a couple of guns, you know a couple of dudes You need to shut your mouth, this what you need to do [Hook: 2x] [Eightball] Listen carefully, lemme tell you somethin This song is dedicated, to niggaz out there bumpin Talkin too much, fakin, shakin, frontin You got a lot to say and didn't nobody ask you nothin Might get yo' jaw broke, might get yo' wig split Might get yo' car shot up, might get yo' dough kicked Might get you kidnapped, might get yo' neck snapped Don't get your feelings hurt thinkin this is just a rap To all you little mamas, that wanna get my number After the show is over, you wanna come on over You wanna sip Mo', you wanna smoke 'dro Ask me twenty questions, this ain't no talk show I'm not ya boyfriend, I'm not ya husband I'm not ya sugar daddy, I'm not ya best friend Don't need no best man, don't need no wedding band Close ya mouth, and listen close to what I'm sayin [Hook: 2x] Stop playin games ho You playin games ho [Repeat 8x] Stop playing games ho.. Now stop playin (I ain't playin wit y'all!)

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