Lyrics to This Year
This Year Video:
Here comes wintertime
Like a long and dark night
Man, I feel so unprepared this time
No stored heat, just the smell of deceit and defeat
I really need to get a hold of myself
If I'm to get back on my feet
Cause this year I got my heart broken, my fears awoken, my beliefs shaken and my dignity taken
But am I wrong to assume this world is absurd when religion comes first and knowledge comes third
And there's a fast river
That's a slow killer and cause for bonuses for Phizer
But advice her that she won't get her pills if we don't pay her bills
And it's a sad story but greed is our top skill

So far so good
Except for a vague feeling that I should not expect calls
And family dinner, long vacations or pictures on bedroom walls
These are things I really don't need at all
I just hope she's a heartbreaker,
a soulshaker and a lovemaker or a damn good faker
Cause I really don't care about these little things that make a household work or makes her thing rings
And it's a long story with no glory
Just mistaken for an undetaking that doesn't need replicating
Oh! These are things I really don't need at all
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