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Raging Romance

Lyrics to This World's Wisdom
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You're desperately clutching at knowledge
Though blind belief always means bondage

Science won't solve life's big mysteries,
Don't you try to make me believe
With blind eyes and deaf ears we wander
Still you pretend to hear and see

This world's wisdom is
Is anot her try
Just a round'bout way
To mind's borderline

A round'bout way
A dead alley

Discovering explaining researching
Judging without understanding

One answer = a million new questions
And you say you're close to the truth
Science won't solve life's big mysteries
How long will you refuse to see?!


Straight ahead
At the speed of this century
With no look to the left or right
You race on and on and on

No enlightened, you close your eyes
So fast you don't move at all
So free like a slave you are bound

What if you'd change your way of thinkin'
Allow yourself a different view
Then turn your head to what seems foolish
And take the hand stretched out for you!

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