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Lyrics to This Time
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Maybe tomorrow
Maybe next week
Oh baby the future looks bleak
I can't believe what's been goin' on
You're never there
You're always gone
A little faith goin' a long way
Always thought that you would stay
[???] Diggin' for gold
Movin' on, I'm out in the cold

(1) No no baby, I believed in you
No no baby, it's not true
No no baby, I believed in you
Don't put my heart on the line

(2) This time, let it be me
I'll be the one that you can see
This time I'll be your man
I'm right here baby, here in your hand

Situation is the classic kind
Caught in this trap, oh love is blind
Friends keep saying that you're bad news
I keep saying how could you choose
[???] one more time
Just to believe you are mine
At the point of no return
A fool in love, when will I learn

(1) Repeat

(2) Repeat twice

There's no sign that this love of ours
Will go on and on
I took a long look at love
From the point of view there's an Angel above..


(2) Repeat

There's no sign that this love of ours will go on and on

(2) Repeat and fade
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