Lyrics to This Thing About You
This Thing About You Video:
Everyone that i see

is making eyes at you and me.

You see you've got this thing with walking,

and me, I've got this thing about you.

Everyone we pass by

is stealing looks at you and I.

We're not dressed right for the season,

and we are smiling for no reason.

It's really not a complicated thing,

this knot between my stitching and your ring,

but who knows if it'll ever be roken

for now there's no reason to call off the joking.

It's really not a difficult thing to conceive

that all our clothing is matching accidentally,

or that babies are noticing motherly

motions in you that are familiar and lovely.

Everyone that I know

is telling me to try take things slow,

but even things that are wrong about you

make my will too strong to doubt you.

Everyone in the town

is kind of wishing that this'll go down.

But the jealous thay can't bless nothing,

and they've got nothing but their suffering.

It's really not a worry in my mind

that we'll be losing out or wasting any time,

because no one has got what I've got

and it's not like there's anything coming to stop us.

It's as if there was a star that had told me so,

that there was nothing left to do but to go back home,

Now I ain't got no luck without you,

it's just like an angel, this thing about you.
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