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Lyrics to This Side Of The Screen
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It's everything I miss when you're not here
That makes you float away the more that I stay
And I'll beg you in ink, so much that I'm afraid

Your singing follows me around
So I'll send you words and look for tiny little sounds
That could send away the memory of days of black and white
And of all the folders that we kept there
Thinking that we might not need
To let a single secret go to make it to the night
That's melting through

You make me search really hard
For things that might exist
And for other things that are just never going to be here
Though we're wishing them from far

And does your sky look like that right now?
You're further away and still closer now somehow
And though it's not the cliche that we like
And though your days aren't black and white
We're not yet moving out of spite this time
And I'll wish you back here first time around
To think from under steady ground
And keep on moving around you now

You're further away and still closer now somehow
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