Lyrics to This Romance
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I thought it was easy to not care about anyone
I thought it was sleazy to fall for almost anyone, but
It seems as if though I'm giving into temptation
Who knew that this would happen to me

This romance is almost too much for me to take in
All these cravings make me think that this is a sin

It seemed so easy to refuse almost everything
I deemed it sleazy to accept almost anything, but
I'm a better person, I've bled so much that it doesn't hurt
Time is my only fear - it changes you

This romance can and will tear you apart
I don't care if it doesn't repair my broken heart

Let's pretend that we're in love
Let's pretend that we don't exist

You don't think it's easy to be callous
You don't think it's sleazy to talk about a phallus
Well it seems as if though, I've rubbed off onto you
For better or for worse
Come on baby, make me bleed

This romance will scar you over and over again
With a memory that you will never forget

Pain has nothing to do with lust
If there's no love in your violence

There's no love in your violence.
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