This Morning's Contemplations Lyrics


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Lyrics to This Morning's Contemplations
Last night i cried myself to sleep in fear i'd lost my everything, but somehow the scent of you on my pillow gave me reason to answer this morning's dawn. you see i cannot quite explain why today's air is worth breathing, because all my dreams seem to dissipate like all my certainties have thus far. i knew myself as the melted utterance that once froze upon the glimmer of your star. i was the steam marked breath seen through the essence of that frigid stat we've branded loneliness. you came to me as the morning dew-drenched rays of warmth that so gently roused this slumbering tongue. you are the ever-sweet water spent in entierty to quench the smoldered coals of an empty union. last night i cried myself to sleep. and my groundlessness embraces nothing but a worthless hopeless flailing that never subsides. this stomach aches from a hollowness that leaves me breathlessly reaching out for a taste of the past. and even though a piece of me has crumbled into a bitter memory, somehow the scent of you on my pillow brings me to another day

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