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Kareem Salama

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Lyrics to This Life Of Mine
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Don't you ever wonder what might be

If you lived life free?

Don't you ever wonder what it's like

To fly off the high dive?

Don't you think the dreams in you

Are meant to ever come true?

Don't you know that hopes are slaves 'till you

Free them and see them thru?

Can you find a little life in you and make your days and nights worth living?

I swear there's more for us to do; there's more for the taking and the giving

Want to build a kingdom of Heaven, so it's time to lay the foundation

Want to know my neighbors in the world and finally lay down idle speculation

Chorus: This life of mine, this life of mine

Ain't the life I had in mind

But if I'm bold enough, wise enough, then I can make this life worthwhile

I can make this life worth a smile

Sarah staring out the window from her corner office

But Sarah always thought she'd grow up to build beautiful gardens

Jonah waking up for another day of biding his time

But Jonah always thought he'd open a school and make kids smile

Sarah prays and she takes a chance, opens up her own little business

Names her dream "the kingdom of Heaven;" makes herself the prince and the princess

Jonah says so long to the subway and buys land just outside the city

Builds a school of love and learning for city kids that need something pretty


Jonah says his new school could use a nice little garden

So Jonah finds a brand new shop called "kingdom of Heaven"

Sarah smiles when she hears the bells on the front door ring

So Sarah thinks this is the beginning of her landscape dreams

Jonah says "Hello, can you help me? I'm looking for some help with my school"

Sarah says "Certainly. We've got just the thing for you"

Jonah see something in Sarah; Sarah see something there, too

Two years later, Jonah married Sarah, and now more than their dreams came true

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