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Dark Season

Lyrics to This Is Your Fate
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You start a new day, but not unknown
The times have changed but still we grow
Why do you do it? Turn your back on me (and mine)
You've changed your loyalties
But I'll soon end your smile

Are you listening, can you hear me?
This is who we are
Unfriendly fashion accessories
So write all of your lies
If our image is wrong
Then open up your eyes
You try to create a sensation
Forced by the money above
You have to agree
So why, do you criticize? Try to put people down
Try to blinker our eyes

Who's making money for you today?
Who's next in your hall of fame?
Before you must sell them on
Knowing you it won't be long

This is your fate, for those who betrayed
Never again, cause this is your fate

We'll fight you to the end
No, we won't change
We're not into pretence
You abuse your information power
It went to your head
It will lead to a bitter end
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