This Is Where We Are Lyrics

Priscilla Ahn

This Is Where We Are

Lyrics to This Is Where We Are
This Is Where We Are Video:
Be good every day
Its never easy they always say
But who are they and what do they care
What anyone says is normal affair

And this is where we ask what do we do
Say a little prayer for me and for you
Hold my hand through dark black night
Tell me everything will be all right
Be all right

Stop the car get out with me
Lets settle down here beneath this tree
Kick off our shoes to cool off our feet
March down [?]

And this where we are so who would we be
An old married couple beneath this tree
Still hold hands at 92
And say things like I've never stop loving you
Loving you

Lets build a house where we can play
A home where all the kids can stay
Where all the good and all the bad
Can show us who we are at last

So this is what we are what do you see
Everything we can and want to be
So many places we will go
To fall to cry and no way slow
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