Lyrics to This Is My Life
This Is My Life Video:
Driving here alone plays with my mind
No one on the road this late at night
The stars in the sky look black and white
Moon is magnified

All the hidden signs that nobody knows
Hiding places no one ever goes
Surely tonight I can address
Signs of happiness

Though I am opposed to violence
I just can't shake this rage over government
And all the stars in the sky
And clearly on my side tonight

So I make a living singing songs for strangers
And I roam the country asking tips for wages
This is my life

No inhibitions, no denials
No hesitations when I was a child
Everything was mine, true and tried
Time was on my side

Though I do adhere to carelessness
I just can't fake this wave of irrelevance
And all the stars in the sky
Are biding by my side tonight
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