This Is Me, Fo' Real Lyrics

Avril Lavigne

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Lyrics to This Is Me, Fo' Real
This Is Me, Fo' Real Video:
This is who i really am. the girl ive always been ive never been that great of a singer thats why i sound so bad live. i dont really know how to play guitar i can only strum one chord. im not much of a skateboarder but i skate when im on camera so people can think i skate chorus this is me FO' REAL! im not lyin this time. this is me FO' REAL! im not pretendin' anymore. I'm not as punk as you think i am i only dress like this so people will like me more i have findly figured out that just dressing hardcore. does not make me all punk Repeat CHORUS I thought i sung punk, hardcore songs but i realized i sing pop. i have finally seen the light the light bulb has come on in my head. i sing love songs, although i hate to admit it Repeat CHORUS (2X) I didnt really write my songs when i was 16 years old although i took all the credit there were other people who helped me. I like to play hockey i like to snowboard and other extreme stuff but WOOHOO! i realized i wasnt the only girl who did stuff like this. Why'd i have to make things so complicated i see the way im actin like somebody else gets people frustrated. i fall, and i crawl, and i break and i take what i get and i turned it into. im never gonna fake like that no more cause this is me fo' real. Repeat CHORUS til fade out.

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