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Lyrics to This Is How We Rip Shit
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Check out the way John does it. I thought I had competition but they really wasn't. Was it an ill u sion, the way my bug shit seemed to bruise men? Yo, I kill 'em with my weak raps. You heard Casual's new shit? Man, you need to peep that. Super EP, we treat the trooper to. There be no nigga alive I can't beat, but Snupe find me, and who'll try me, I'll stomp ya. T-more said, "Casual's a monster." I use my mutant powers on niggas shootin' sour rhymes. Hiero it's our time, so start to panic, cause doper there is. Niggas perish tryin' to compare their's to this weak shit, but it really ain't happenin'. I start slappin' men, tell 'em I'm the best and they react with friends. [CHORUS:] "This is how we rip shit. (repeat)" Incorrect, when you wreck rhymes, then respect you collect all the time. I'm your mentor sent for your entertainment. Kid, you'll get your brain kicked, stop tryin' to do that strange shit. I'm rockin mics like cocaine dime when you jock you slow-brain, I muster strength to bust ya with, bust your riff, that's a no-no. Yo peep my promo, see how the flow go. Surprise, I chastise and devise a flow you despise, I'm the assaulter who'll alter your brain when I clipped your sensory nerves we fence to be heard. Bubbling buffoons get bombarded, but they don't come hard with beats, besides that blundering bulllshit. I pull kids back, I'm snatchin' progress, catchin' calamity, the famine G's, the ones you not matchin'. And that's on the real, I repeal steel for any contendant I send it, because I intended to wreck shit, collect clits and disrespect kids. Then I'm headed for the exit. [CHORUS:] "This is how we rip shit. (several times)" From my standpoint, I can point and pick you out, kick you out, you slick, you doubt my skills, where he stood he lies still, decayin'. These guys ain't playin' when we tries to slay men. Leave or recieve the cleaver that'll relieve you of your life. Battle me and that'll be your downfall. I surround all MC pests with the best skills. And still you do not be fresh. We testmicrophones with prolificness, and if it's a doozy, well I shouldn't be choosy. Just, ripping at will, I'm stripping the skill off the run of the mill MC. My whole goal is to control your brain. I take the flimsy, and make them practice so they come back with some harder shit, try to follow the flow and see how hard it gets. [CHORUS:] Yo, this is how we rip shit (etc., etc.)

Songwriters: J. OWENS, J. SUAREZ
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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