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Lyrics to This Is A Death Dream
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This is a death dream
In the daytime
I go to the cemetery buildings
In search of books
And never do I find the right one
I just browse through death books
When it seems the ones I want are out
In the night time I go with friends to the cemetery
And the entire time concerns
Carousings and adventures within the cemetery
But all others are insincere and even silly
Some figures predominate and I compromise my
Especial meeting to go with them
I always attempt to get some of these friends to go with me
But they are afraid
It seems I do not want to go alone
And leave each successive night with hopes for
Tomorrow's daytime excursion to the cemetery
Last time I was particularly upset
Despair that the right books will never be there
Because people will not bring them back and
My reliance is weak
I should find a way to require that which I want
Of special interest in the dream is the night time attraction
Of particular growing things
Which previously were cultivated in horror with another
In the night wanderings I attempt to get back to these to encounter horror
But they รข?? others are afraid or silly
And one or two are not
But show me replicas which are not the same
This I know and am disappointed
Earlier for interest I had a wine bottle
Weird death monsters approached and I admitted them
As they filed past into my house
Not the bedroom where others were
They danced in the living room
Extremely macabre and death-like moves
Others saw them and sometime later expressed horror as they left
Or escaped
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