Lyrics to This Is A Country Song...
This Is A Country Song... Video:
i've got a couple things,
i'd like to do and say but i have yet to find the way.
and i won't settle for anywhere,
i'm too convinced the sweetest honey's worth the taste.
so grab your bags,
and go ahead,
knock me down if it really makes you feel great.
i'll be hangin' round,
a while.
the ground seems to give off some comfort anyway.

tell me this daydreaming won't get us anywhere,
i'm just simply browsing around.
and time has always had a knack for moving really fast,
without ever making a sound.

well i find it quite pleasant hanging down low,
you get the best view around and oh, so much more.
so bounce back,
and step up to all that.
next thing they'll chant your name and a daydream stole the show.

tell me this daydreaming won't get us anywhere
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