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In this digital world
Full of artificial pride
Viruses and scams
Cowards and spies

We can't smoke a cigarette in the bar anymore
No polluting lungs while the liver gets fucked
Can't vote cuz what's the fucking point
When it's predestined no American voice

This is what we've become
Progress through cancer coated lies
This is what we've become
Zombies, cell phones drained our minds

Yesterday I saw a bright reflection
Today I see a big black fucking hole

Can't eat, can't breathe
Without catching some rare disease
Can't kiss, can't fuck
Germs of love will infect your blood

Stabbed in the back by our final ways

Gourmet meals in the microwave
Cooked fresh by radioactive ways
401K the sign of the slaves
But the dental insurance makes it worth the pain
Wake the fuck up

The world is falling down before your eyes
Motherfucker, are you fucking blind
It's too late
It's too late for you
You better lay your head back down to sleep little one
This will all soon just be a dream
Nothing will be what it seems
The pills should be taking effect any time now
This is the end of everything that's sacred
Just like the shit will attract the flies
The truth will always be covered with lies

Everything so fake
Everything so easy
Technology has replaced our souls

Is anyone creative anymore
Does anyone use their brain anymore
Is anyone breathing
Are we just too lazy
Is anyone still alive
Technology keeps evolving
But we've the lost the human touch
The end is near
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