This Could Be The Last Time Lyrics

Nathan Owens

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Lyrics to This Could Be The Last Time
This Could Be The Last Time Video:
V1:Well come on honey we got alot of lovin' to do
If we take it slow we'll last the whole night through
Well im not much for rushin' love baby how bout you
We should take out time not waste it like a fool

Ch:This could be the last time honey
This could be the end
This could be the last time that we
Ever see each other again

V2:I was walkin' down the street last friday night
When i saw you comin' my way lookin' so fine
If we cant go to your house then we'll go to mine
If the answers yes then babe give me a sign


V3:If i was brave i'd walk right up to you
And ask you out on a date to swear that i love you
It doesn't really matter just say you love me too
We could have fun and maybe a kiss or two

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