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Lyrics to This Comes From The Heart
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This was never about who stuck out the most
This is about pride, dignity and respect

I can hear you around the corner, you think you're so smart
You can laugh and poke at me but you'll never get the best of me

I am the leader at the game
I show my pride, you show your shame
This life is about me and my choices
Not the words from other voices
I won't give my life to a substance

You think this came from my head?
This came from my heart
Your ignorance blinds what you can truely see

Go ahead and run your mouth
And start talking about nothing you know
Go and have your fun little games
Your life was a lie and you gave it up for shit

This was never about fame or attention
This comes from my soul and my heart
What is wrong with having pride in what I believe?
My beliefs stay in my heart and not down another's throat

Excuse me for showing my morals
Pardon me for doing what's right
I won't sell my respect or my dignity

I won't give in to the crowd
I won't surrender to my peers

So just stand back and watch yourself turn into the living dead
Unable to breathe or even fucking think without the dose you call a friend

I won't pity you anymore
You never were honest with yourself
You were never honest with me

I'll stick to what I have my trust in
I won't ever need a crutch to lift me up
My problems will never go from bad to worst

Don't tell me what to believe
Don't tell me what to stand for
My path is set with gold

You can believe in what you wish
You can defend what you want
The difference between us is
I keep my beliefs in my heart and not down another's throat

This life is my choice
My deeds have been paid
I'll stand for what I believe in
I'd rather die for a life of victory
Than live a life of misery

This comes from the heart
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