Lyrics to This Can't Be
This Can't Be Video:
I'd tell you that I am fine,
that I need to get on with my life.
This wouldn't be the first time,
and I'd hate to lie.
I won't apologize.
I need to grow a spine.
When did I begin this decline,
I will begin my climb.

Here is your letter,
do with it what you will.
Hang it on your wall,
you made my world stand still.
They say for better,
or for worse together.
Forever you know I
won't ever say good bye.

I live life in the past,
keep track of time gone by.
Life like an hour glass,
going one grain at a time.
This is an exaggerated story,
told line by line.
I am the author and,
this is my design.


This is my demise,
can't you hear my sorry cries
masked through these dreaded lies
this is the end I do surmise
I took my dream catcher down,
just to be with you again
This can't be...
you put my letter through the shredder.
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