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1. This year this time, we try to take over the world,your emotion will be fine, when you see us the third,we´re not Pinky and the Brain, we wont hold you in a hand,we´re guys see like you, and we´re not living in a tent;Bridge:We´re the fun in your live, we´re the love in your wife,we´re the sugar in your coke, we´re the headache in your dope,we´re the fuel in your car, we´re the living how you are,we´re the feeling in your pain, and the future in your name;Refrain:This Band forever, how the time see,we are together, round the big see,future forever, we can be better than all,this band forever, forever for all;2. The time has come, in their we are the best,and all can it hear, if we live in east and west,our future will be great, but we need your hand and help,to make us the best, in the whole world;BridgeRefrain3. And comes the end, the world went (be) down,God takes us in his hands, and we got a crown,cause we are the best, and we´re smoking only West(c),to be unique, in the whole heaven.BridgeRefrainRefrain

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